Every day is an opportunity to create something.  Growing up, my brother and I spent a great deal of time in the garage with our dad, and he showed us everything from how to solder to painting cars.  Most of all, I learned to take ideas from concept to hardware and to give things a try.  Not every brain-child worked, but that’s what revision is for.

I currently work in the automotive industry as a cranktrain analyst with some of the best folks on the planet.  It is a different skill than working in the garage, but having a hands-on background has been a huge benefit.

BubbaThe Bubba and I get outside as much as possible and he is often found pacing around the garage and occasionally darts out the door to chase a squirl, but for the most part this is his favorite stance.

Well, we’re going to get back to it, so take good care and keep makin’.


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