Gift Boxes


Giving gifts is one of the greatest pleasures in life.  Some of the best gifts are the simplest gifts and sometimes, the container is much more than that, but part of the gift itself.

20150820_165503The dove, sometimes seen as a symbol of peace, was chosen as the icon for the top of these boxes.  Purple, the color of royalty, was selected to be intertwined with the dove icon to create an elegant, but simple presentation piece.

These dove medallions would have taken prohibitively long to create using traditional methods, but were very easy for the waterjet.  Just create the line art using Corel Draw, convert it to a file format that the waterjet software can accept (.dxf), set the machine up and away it goes.  It’s not quite THAT easy, but pretty close.

Here’s a short clip of the waterjet at work, enjoy!

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